TLA+ Conf 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024
Seattle, USA

TLA+ Conference 2024

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08:55Welcome & Opening Announcements
09:00 (tentative)Keynote: Fifteen years of formal methods at AWS - Just under a decade ago, we published “How Amazon Web Services Uses Formal Methods” in CACM, describing our experiences with formal methods (especially TLA+) building production systems at AWS. In this talk, I’ll look back over the decade since that paper, how our practice has evolved since then, and the challenges for the future.Marc BrookerAmazon AWS
10:00TLA+ @ LinkedIn: Ambry and VeniceAnkur Agrawal & Zac PoliczerLinkedIn
10:30Practical Insights from Datadog’s Use of TLA+ and SimulationsArun ParthibanDatadog
11:00How we designed and model-checked MongoDB reconfiguration protocolSiyuan ZhouMongoDB
11:30Reverse-Engineering with TLA+Calvin LoncaricOracle
13:00Specification-Driven Development With TLA+Guo HuaScupt & East China Normal University
13:40Validating System Execution with the TLA+ ToolsMarkus A. KuppeMicrosoft
14:20Promises and Challenges in Bridging TLA+ Designs with ImplementationsFinn HackettUniversity of British Columbia
15:00Coffee Break
15:30You Deserve Unicode TLA+, and Other Nice Things TooAndrew HelwerDisjunctive Consulting LLC
15:50Formal Methods in the EnterpriseDavid McNeil
16:10Automatic Interpretation of TLA+ Specs as Sequence DiagramsDaniel StachnikHasso Plattner Institute University of Potsdam
16:30A Native, Interactive TLA+ Explorer for the WebWilliam SchultzNortheastern University
16:50End of the conference